Deshang pay high attention to human resources and personnel training, and continuously introduces overseas pharmaceutical management personnel and pharmaceutical marketing talents. Meanwhile, we have established an internship mechanism in cooperation with the famous pharmaceutical university in China - Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. The cultivation and appointment mechanism has accumulated high-quality human resources for the sustainable development of Deshang, which made us to be one of the few talent-focused pharmaceutical companies in China.

1、Human resource of R&D Center

The R&D Center follows the human resource policy of Deshang and value the training of R&D staffs, implements the "people-oriented" corporate culture, improves the performance management and incentive mechanism based on "value contribution-oriented", improves the training and training plans for talents, and has successively implement KPI for R&D personnel.  Deshang has 50 employees, 48 were college graduated which accounting for 98%. There are 29 R&D personnel which accounting for 58%. Among them, 10 are master degrees, 30 are bachelor degrees and 8 are junior college graduated, which complied with regulation of “Measures for the administration of recognition of Hi-tech enterprises” that the proportion of total number of employees should be not less than 10% in Hi-tech enterprise.

2Human resource of Production Center

The Production Center has 115 employees, including 2 masters, 12 bachelors, 17 junior colleges, 30 secondary school graduates, 1 of them owns the pharmacist certification, 3 of them are with the title of senior technician and 4 intermediate titles. The production staffs accounted for 60% of total employees. The production center has continuously introduced excellent talents and established the perfect KPI system, which we have come to a stage of rapid development.

3Human resource of Marketing Center

The Marketing Center is registered as Shenzhen Deshang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In order to better meets the demand of development, most of the employees of Marketing Center have the knowledge background in medicine fields. There are total 66 employees, 30 of them are majored in medicine subjects, which accounted for 45%. 2 master degrees, 30 bachelors, 25 junior colleges and 9 secondary school graduates. 2 of them are qualified pharmacists, and 2 are with intermediate titles.

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