The 3rd Deshang Forum is successfully held

2018-10-19 945次 德商制药

In October 19th 2018, in order to showing our business philosophy and sharing our friendship and thoughts to our partners, furthermore, to expressing our sincere respect and gratitude to our friends, Deshang has invited well-known clinical experts and industry executives to gather in Huinan to discuss about Chinese medicine.

The theme of this Business Forum is Foreseeing the Future, Gathering Forward, which aim of researching and discussing the new challenge of pharmaceutical industry, through adjusting perspectives of strategy, tactics, marketing, markets, finance etc., And how Deshang lead our partners through the fog and move ahead, accurately market the pulse, foresee our future.

Under the careful planning by Marketing Center of Deshang , also with the strong support from the production center and R&D center, at 8:30am on October 19, 2018, the third national Deshang Forum is been held in Huinan hotel.


First of all, Yu Wei (the GM of Deshang), made a warm speech and warmly welcomed our partners and medical experts from all over the country. Mr. Yu also pointed out that the China pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing and moving forward in the process of reform and breakthrough. The future competition will be more intense, and the competitive landscape will shift from variety competition to platform competition. The strategic cooperation is the trend in future. Deshang Pharmaceutical has the confidence to provide competitive products, build a first-class cooperation platform, and is willing to work with our friends to create a better future based on the principles of equality, integrity, mutual benefit and win-win.


The first part of the meeting is Mingde, which mainly focused on Deshang pharmaceutical.

The Professor - Jiang Yiping, director of the Department of Liver, Spleen and Stomach Diseases Professional Committee of Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and director of the Department of Spleen, Gastric and Gallbladder, Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared the clinical experience of application of Yidanshu Granules, analysis the whole process from product group to patient selection and how to make accurate prescriptions. All the participants feel gained a lot.




Haiyan Meng, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Chifeng Hospital, introduced the population of vaginitis, the proportion of population of the vaginal vaginal effervescent tablets and the clinical effect based on her clinical practice, all the guests saw the potential of product and have confidence for it.



Through the sharing of clinical experience by these two experts, everyone has a new understanding of our key strategic products, but also more motivated to promote our products.

Mr. Xin Lirong from Huamaotong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the General Manager Zhang Yusheng from Jiangxi Hongxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. share their experience on how to distribute and promote products of Deshang in the market based on their own market conditions, which inspired our participants a lot.



Chen Yikun, the product manager of our marketing department, elaborated analyse the market value of the exclusive products of Deshang based on epidemiology, market share and competitive products. 


Mr. Liu gongan, the Director of our Marketing Department, the theme of his speech is the marketing concept and strategic of Deshang. He fully describes the business philosophy and strategic planning and share with our guests on how to create a long-line fist product - Yidanshu Granules, the layout we have done and the planning we will do in the future etc., For showing our partners the full confidence to create a common communities of resources, benefits and career for a win-win.


Huang Kaiyi, the Vice President of Deshang, introduced our under-developing products and planned products which mainly in the fields of Hepatology, Pediatric, Nervous system, Cardiovascular etc., It is expected to have our new products to be launched.


In order to have our partners to know more about our products, we took nearly 100 participants to visit our manufacturing site including the production workshop, R&D department and the new factory area which is under construction.





The 2nd part of the meeting is On the Road, which mainly focused on how to sell, promote in the current market.

Mr. Liu Jian, the special expert from R&D Center of the National People's Congress Medical and Health Industry, the member of Self-care and Medicinal Guidance Working Committee of the China Medical Education Association, the special lecturer of EMBA of Peking University Business School, and the senior marketing expert of pharmaceutical industry. He made a wonderful speech ofthe future of pharmaceutical marketing based on policy-oriented, emphasized that agency is still the mainstream mode of pharmaceutical marketing in China. There are three necessary stages in the transformation of agency system: from natural agents to legal person management, from gold sales to professional promotion, from sales to market creation. The future clinical promotion requires four major combinations: access system cooperation, professional team, academic promotion, and professional services. The choice of agent products requires two points: reliable enterprises (continuous investment in products and insist on developing) and reliable products (compliance with CFDAs policy, with exclusive patents). Mr. Liu combined with his practical practice and bring many cases and suggestions to the guests.The atmosphere was warm and fervent.


As for today, people pay more attention to compliance. So this time we have invited the senior tax and taxation expert of pharmaceutical industry - Mr. He Zhijian to share with us on the "compliance marketing under the two-invoices new policy".


Mr. Yang Yong, the Manager from Yunnan Yuming Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd. made a detailed sharing of academic drive marketing brought benefits to his company. From his speech, we deeply realized the power of academics, and academics is not simply a single department meeting, we should take a lot of effort to support for the sales.



At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Cheng, Chairman of Deshang, made a wonderful summary of this Business Forum. He pointed out that Deshang Pharmaceuticals will continue to be service-oriented and provide services & supports to our partners by following:

1. Make expert consensus and relevant guidelines, and ready for market access;

2, Ensure our product quality, so that our partners wont have any worries;

3. Assist to our partners to work on sales compliance;

4. Adhere to innovative R&D, and continuously provide new products with strong competitiveness and prospects.

With the applause and praise of the participants, the 3rd Deshang Forum is closed and this conference was a completely success.



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